Sherrill / Liberty Table Top

Continuing a 100-year tradition of the finest American-made flatware


Sherrill Manufacturing makes high quality stainless steel forks, spoons and knives, offering a wide selection of distinctive styles under its “Liberty Tabletop” brand. 


Located in Sherrill, upstate New York, the company operates the former Oneida, Ltd. manufacturing plant located there.  Founded in the 1880s, Oneida became well-known for its silverware and, later, stainless steel flatware.  In 2005, Oneida sold the recently modernized plant to Sherrill Manufacturing, which was founded by former Oneida employees.  For several years, Sherrill supplied Oneida with product, and then struck out completely on its own. 


Today, as the only producer of American-made stainless steel flatware, Sherrill Manufacturing continues its heritage of producing only the highest-quality product by combining excellent craftsmanship and technologically advanced production processes. 


About Sherrill, New York


A purchase of Liberty Tabletop helps to create jobs and a healthy community in Sherrill, New York.  Located in the scenic “Mohawk Valley” 35 miles east of Syracuse and on the outskirts of the city of Oneida, Sherrill is known as the “Silver City” due to its 100-year history of making silverware for Oneida Ltd.  With a population of 3,000 the City of Sherrill benefits greatly from the employment generated by Sherrill Manufacturing.  Further information about the town of Sherrill is available here.