Become a Vendor

Come partner with us, as a supplier/vendor . . .

Alltham is building a motivated community of consumers who are frustrated by the difficulty of finding American-made products and eager to share product discoveries among their peers. 

We also are building a community of American manufacturers who have difficulty reaching these prospective buyers because they are “lost in the noise” of foreign-sourced products in the marketplace.

Our mantra is, “We make it easy to buy American.”

More specifically, Alltham’s mission is to provide consumers desiring to purchase American-made consumer products a multi-channel marketplace for “all things American-made”, where consumers can discover, share, and purchase a wide selection of products of American quality, safety, durability and design, in an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience. 

Alltham’s customers will benefit from knowing that they are creating jobs and supporting the communities where Alltham’s products are made, and that every purchase supports the training of a veteran in a high-skilled manufacturing job.

By partnering with us as a supplier, you can reach these consumers in a way not previously possible. 

So let’s get started!  Please express you interest in becoming an Alltham supplier by contacting us via email at [email protected] and providing us with the following information:

·      Company name, address, and web site;

·      Contact name, title, phone, and email;

·      Are you a distributor or a manufacturer?

·      What product categories do you offer?

·      Do you currently do business online?

·      Do you drop ship?

·      Are you Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Alltham Team